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Of Sheng, Alex, my Dad, and Crying. (among other things)

Yesterday, I finally decided to push through with my trip to Daniw for the UNIV08 article interview. After three lucky chance meetings, I finally met Mimi -- the girl who could help me the most with my assignment, according to Milgrace (who, by the way, is another Daniw mainstay).

After almost an hour of being in Daniw, I felt like giving it another shot. Especially UNIV. Now that I'm in Journ, I feel like I could actually DO it. Wala lang. The theme for this year's UNIV sounds interesting, although the official translation from the Spanish is yet to be finalized. It's either I'm really interested, or it's my weakness against pseudopeerpressure again.

Next stop was National Bookstore. I lost my .01 techpen and I've been settling with my pink Staedler pen which is in no way good for my notebook. I got my techpen in less than a minute, and then remembered to get a bright red ballpen. After trying out around seven brands of red pens, I finally found one bright enough for my taste. Since I had nothing urgent to do, I decided to look around the Filipiniana section because it's been too long since I got my last dose of Filipiniana literature.

Then, I found this on the shelf:

It's Heartbreak, by Cozy Reads Publishing. The subtitle kicks it -- "Stories that will stay with you longer than your ex did." I suddenly remembered that this one brilliant brilliant girl I know from UP has a story in this book so I found her name on the table of contents, flipped to the page it indicated, and started reading.

Needless to say, I liked it. It is inevitable, too, that I remember certain things because of the story (no, it has nothing to do with THE ex). The world would've been nicer if it hadn't conspired with the sound system to play Way Back Into Love. Yep. It's the world's fault. Couldn't possibly blame me for it (or anything else, while we're at it).

Funny, I know. I would've read another story but I was crying already so I decided that it was best to leave.

I headed straight to Starbucks for my usual caramel cream frappe, and somehow the barista (I didn't even read her name tag, which means I was really out of orbit), convinced me to upgrade my tall frappe to grande, and buy a toffee butterscotch. Bye bye 200 pesos.

I attempted to write about what happened in the bookstore but found it difficult. Out of the blue I thought of texting Alex. So, I did. He couldn't possibly be in Katipunan still, since it was about 5pm already.

"San ka?" I asked. In less than a minute his reply came. "Sa Ministop. Kaw?"

I told him I was at Starbucks, nursing a frappe. I asked if I could meet him, since I was on my way to Gateway anyway (wow rhyme) because it's my mom's birthday (another rhyme! more on this later). He said yes, and so I was off to Ministop.

When I got there, he asked if I ate already. Then I remembered I haven't had a decent meal since the lunch I had a day before yesterday. I answered a quick no, and then he suggested that we eat when we get to Gateway. I agreed.

Eating. Mostly talking. I never really told him about what happened in National. In fact, I never really tell much to anyone now except to Quine and Kat. What I've written about crying in a bookstore here is all that he knows.

Then it was 7pm and Alex went home and I went window shopping. By 8pm I was ready to go to my dad's office since we'll be going home together by 10pm.

As usual, I took the MRT to Boni.

The girl beside me on the train had a Goldilocks cake box that could fit a round yellow cake roughly twelve inches in diameter.

Ah, the bittersweet month of July. I guess the seventh month would never ever be the same old family and friends jubilee month that it once was for me.

And now, on with the long blog entry.

As soon as I got to my dad's spot in the office, the first thing I saw was the cake box. I never got to see what cake was inside though, but it was one of those yellow Goldilocks premium boxes so maybe it was a black forest, which is the family favorite (I love the Red Ribbon Marjolaine more though). My dad then informed me that we have to pass by the Greenwich branch at SLEX to get a mozarella garlic pizza (YUM!) but as soon as we got there, it was closed already. Time check: 10:30pm. My father then said (more to himself than to me, I reckon) that there's Greenwich branch about 20minutes from our place. I asked him about our options if ever it's closed too. "Dexter's," he replied. But that pizza place was out of our way, and this I thought to myself.

We got to Greenwich at around 10:40, only to find that it was closed too. We drove to Dexter's and got there in a good five minutes, but it was (guess what) closed. Pa then remembered that there was a Pizza Hut branch at the street next to the Greenwich branch from which we just came from and so we drove back, only to find that it closed about an hour ago. I saw that Shakey's seemed open so I pointed my dad to Shakey's. When we got there, the sign said

O P E N.
Oh me, finally!

(Sorry I just had to take a picture of the sign. :D)

We got in, ordered the pizza, and two minutes later, a server turned the sign over and so it then said

C L O S E D.

Had we arrived two minutes later, we would've ended up finding another closed pizza parlor.


But lucky is not my point here. It's love. I cried a bit (a bit, because I couldn't afford to let my dad see me cry. I'm proud that way) while I was on the passenger seat during that wild pizza hunt. Imagine your dad looking for an open pizza parlor at 11pm because it's your mom's birthday and your mom absolutely loves pizza (and yes, so does the rest of the family) -- that, and he already has a cake sitting safely on your lap.

It seems like a small thing to cry about, but I was overwhelmed by the whole pizza situation. I suddenly thought that I'd be so darn lucky to find somebody who's like my dad.

Someone who'd pass by every pizza place he knows, kahit na out of the way pa yun, kahit na closing time na, just so he could bring home a pizza for my birthday because he knows how much I'd appreciate the gesture. And a cake, too.

If I were to see more of these things everyday and in other people -- how much my dad loves my mom kahit na ang hilig nila mag-asaran na parang mga bata, the look of pleasant surprise on my mom's face when I walked into the house before my dad kasi ang alam niya sa Thursday pa ako dapat uuwi pero umuwi ako kasi birthday niya, and a friend who'd open up to me kahit na ang labo ko kausap at napaka-cynical kong kausap at pasaway ako sa MRT...

Then maybe, just maybe, I'd probably be more hopeful as I go along.


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