starchelles (starchelles) wrote,

My Apologies.

I've noticed that I can only say "I love you" to three people other than the lovely man, woman, and boy in my family.

Gibi, Life Partner and Twin.

Of course with Q, it's a different story. We don't say it completely.

Point being, nothing. I just noticed how uncomfortable saying ILY to other people has become.


Dear Paji,

Thank You for putting up with me. Now I know why so many people love You. It's a wonder why so many still find it hard to believe.

Thank You for Your Grace.

Love, Me.


I apologize,

for not being there when you need me. I needed to get away from you.

for not trusting you enough. You hurt me and I must say I can't trust you the way I once did.

for being a hypocrite by talking bad about you behind your back. I don't usually do this to people but you are just so irritating.

for being a no-show since I can't remember when. However, you wasted my time (3 hours of it, in fact) by making me wait for nothing.

for not being able to meet your expectations, and not being that person you thought I was. I am very sorry to disappoint, but I am never sorry for being the person that I am.


:) I am good.


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