starchelles (starchelles) wrote,

1)Ref fixed NBA games. 2)Superstar teams up with star duo: all three of them after the ring.

Who knows about the damned Tim Donaghy scandal? The FBI is now investigating allegations that Donaghy has been betting on games during the 05-06 and 06-07 season. Given that, it can also be assumed that he might have made bets on some games and made calls that favor his bets.

That fucking asshole. Everybody who watches the NBA with the same intensity as I do and is an ultimate Suns cheerleader now has a reason to think that Game 3 could've been a fixed game. I'll be damned. :O

Info? Check out this article:

I am so mad right now. And disappointed.


Just when I thought Garnett wouldn't run after the trophy anymore and would just stay being the hero that he is in Minesotta, he gets traded and sent to the Celtics. Guess he couldn't be martyr forever.

Sure, the Pierce-Allen-Garnett combo sounds amazing but I would rather have a Nash-Garnett combo in the Suns. That brings Garnett closer to the trophy, and gives the Suns an opportunity for sweet revenge against the oh-so-boring Spurs. Besides, I doubt that the Celtics have enough balance in their accounts to pay for a trio of such talent, especially pay for Garnett's salary. Garnett was the 06-07 season's highest paid player, and that's because he is one of the best players, if not THE best player, in the league today.



Nash is ♥. Fuck Donaghy. Who knows what other crucial games he messed with. All the best for Garnett. He deserves a championship, and I don't want him to go Barkley or Malone because he's a real great guy and he doesn't have Barkley's arrogance and Malone's insecurity.

I wish it's November already. I miss the NBA.


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